activated charcoal powder

Benefits of Activated Charcoal

Activated Charcoal is a form of Carbon processed to have small low-volume pores which increases the TSA (Total Surface Area) available for absorption or chemical reactors. It is also often termed as active charcoal. Super heating natural sources of Carbon such as wood produces activated charcoal.

It is a medication used to treat poisonings that occurred is via mouth. It has a wide range of uses in medical and cosmetic fields due to its amazing absorption property.


Activated Charcoal Powder

Uses of Activated Charcoal

1. Poison Treatment

Activated Charcoal is known to be able to trap the flow of chemicals to prevent flow of poison in our body as a standard poison treatment. It is used in Emergency Rooms in hospitals as an immediate treatment to poisons.

However, researches also show that the activated charcoal should be given within one hour of the poison ingestion. Otherwise, it may not be able to have any positive impacts at all.

2. Diarrhea

Main reasons of diarrhea include drugs and bacterial infection. Taking in Activated charcoal capsules can extract and expel ingested toxins, bacteria and viruses from the gastrointestinal tract which makes it useful to cure Diarrhea.

3. Water Filtration

The absorption property of activated charcoal makes it useful in water filtration as well. It is able to absorb toxins, bacteria, fungus, viruses and chemicals in the water.

4. Teeth Whitening

More than half of tooth-paste and oral health products use activated charcoal. The products that use activated charcoal have shown better success rate and popularity than the ones that do not. Many people also use it directly on their teeth for cleansing.

5. Skin Care and Cleansing

Skin care is quite important these days with so many skin diseases appearing. Activated charcoal is used in various fairness and ageing creams, lotions and face washes as it helps in absorbing impurities, dust particles, bacteria, toxins and so on.

6. Deodorants

The absorption property of activated charcoal is dominant here as well. Activated Charcoal can absorb smells and harmful gases due to which it has become an essential component in underarm, shoe and refrigerator deodorant.

7. Better Kidney Health

Activated Charcoal helps the functioning of kidney by filtering out undigested toxins and impurities.


Due to these wide uses and benefits, demand of activated charcoal increases each day. Many researches are going on to prove and specify its benefits and usage methods. There are other health benefits of Activated Charcoal as well. But due to lack of sufficient researches and proofs, they remain undisclosed.

In order to observe some activated charcoal benefits, we have a product dedicated to that cause in our store. We present our Snowflakes Salt with Activated Charcoal so that our customers can enjoy taste and aroma of our snowflakes salts and also enjoy some health benefits of Activated Charcoal.


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