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Activated Charcoal Snowflakes Salt


Activated Charcoal Snowflakes Salt – A striking black salt with natural wood smoke. This is a finishing salt that can be used on anything from hot chips through to chicken and meats and al dente vegetables. A restaurant-quality salt.

If you are unfamiliar with activated charcoal, it is well known for its medicinal uses such as an antidote for absorbing organic toxins, chemical and poisons. People use it for stomach bugs and some emergency rooms can administer it against certain poisons. Some people brush their teeth with activated charcoal to whiten them.

Ingredients: Snowflake salt, activated charcoal, natural smoke from oak wood

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Activated Charcoal is an odourless black powder. It is wide uses in both medicinal and cosmetic purposes.

Benefits/Uses of Activated Charcoal

1. Oral health

It is quite good for the overall oral health of an individual. Many people use charcoal salt for whitening their teeth and most of the teeth whitening products consist of activated charcoal. Its toxin-absorbing properties are believed to play an important role here.

2. Skincare

Charcoal salt is an important ingredient in various creams and lotions because it helps in absorbing out dust, bacteria and chemical toxins.

3. Deodorant

Its absorbing abilities are highlighted here again. Its absorbing power helps in absorbing smells and harmful gases which makes it ideal as an underarm, shoe, and refrigerator deodorant.

4. Curing Intestinal Gas

Various reports and surveys have shown time and again that charcoal salts are helpful for curing and minimizing Intestinal Gas issues. Although, a full scientific proof has not been revealed yet.

5. Poison Treatment

It is used in Emergency Rooms in hospitals as an immediate treatment to poisons because it has the ability to trap the flow of chemicals to prevent the flow of poison in our body.

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