Himalayan Pink Salt – Coarse



Natural Himalayan Pink salt mined from Khewra mine in Pakistan. This coarse salt is natural, pure and ready to use. Himalayan Pink Salt is known for its health benefits as well as versatile use in bath salts and lamps.

Himalayan pink salt contains all 84 essential trace elements required for our body. Also, Himalayan pink salt contains fewer additives and anti-caking agents. Hence, it is healthy for our body.

It is one of the purest rock salt found on the Earth.

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Himalayan Pink Salt Benefits:

  • Improves Respiratory System
  • Better Digestion and Hydration
  • Better Bone strength
  • Balanced pH and acidity levels
  • Cures acne and helps in curing some stages of cancer
  • Better sleeping habits
  • Minimized muscles problems and cramps
  • You can use pink Himalayan salt to make your own sole, a saturated solution containing purified water and Pink Himalayan salt.

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