We have adopted a natural, fun & sustainable mindset. This is our mission and we are working hard to constantly improve the way we do business. Sustainable is more than being environmentally focussed, it is supporting fresh ideas and excellence in the we do things. For example, in our floral salts we buy fresh wax-free lemons from a farm in Melbourne which are then grated and air dried (we do the same for our limes). We don’t stop at the lemon peel – we take the rest of these grated lemons to a separate facility for juicing which we add to a cold pressed lemon essential oil for our natural bath salts. We are working hard to reduce wastage and find ways to use our ingredients with a “low footprint” impact.

Using natural salts not only taste better but they are higher in mineral complexity than table salt. Unlike commercially produced table salt which is processed and stripped of all its minerals, natural salts contains essential minerals that the body needs such as magnesium. Himalayan salt contains 84 essential minerals. These minerals are absorbed into the body to assist the body to function. Our black salt includes activated charcoal which is known for its use in detoxing and cleaning waste from the body (if you prefer try our smoked chilli snowflakes they will make you sweat!!)

We are committed to being a natural, fun & sustainable business.

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