Smoked & Artisan Rock Salts

Introducing Baker and Baker Salts – your go-to source for high-quality smoked and artisan rock salts! We pride ourselves on offering a wide range of regional and internationally popular smoked salts to customers all around Australia. Our goal is to bring excitement and flavour to your cooking with our aromatic and delicious salts.

Our oak-smoked salt is a customer favourite, adding a depth of flavour and a smoky undertone to your dishes. Perfect for adding a smoky twist to your vegetables, steak, BBQ, red meats, and poultry.

We are proud to supply some of the best hotels, restaurants, and food businesses in Australia and worldwide with our bulk smoked salt. At Baker and Baker Salts, we believe in providing the best quality and service for all of our customers, whether you’re placing a single online order or a large commercial order. Upgrade your cooking today with Baker and Baker Salts’ best-smoked salt on the market.

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