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In a world where many foods contain synthetics, preservatives, colours and additives we started out with a clear vision – to produce only natural salts for our consumers without any of the extra fillers. What I personally find interesting is that using synthetics and fillers provides a poorer result and lack the level of depth natural products bring. Natural flora and spices along with natural wood smoke produce such a far superior product I cannot really understand or accept why a company would choose to use synthetic smoke or flavourings other than for cost advantage.

Moving cost to one side, as companies are finding more innovative ways to extend the shelf life of their products, create new synthetic flavours and develop brighter colours for their products, all these innovations are entering our body.

Baker & Baker Salts loves to create fun for the end user through its natural artisan salts. Our salts take you on a journey from the open campfires of our oak wood smoked salt flakes through to the Mexican-inspired chilli-lime rock salt using real lime peel and through the Outback with our Australian salts. Pick your own journey with our range of inspired salts.

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