Things You Need to Know About Black Salt and Why It’s a Must-Have in the Kitchen


“I have plenty of white salt in my kitchen, but what is black salt? What difference can it make?”

The above question might have popped in your mind when you were skimming through recipes or your favorite food, and there you see “black salt.” So, does black salt make any difference in the taste, or is it just overrated? Does it have any side effects on our health? If you have been exploring the black salt and just landed on our blog, you must already have these questions in your mind. So, let’s dive in together to uncover the details of the black salt.


Origin of black salt


Before diving deeper into black salt and its properties, we need to know that black salt comes from different parts of the world in different varieties (below, we will be discussing all four variations). Some of them are named after their place of origin as well. Hawaii black salt has its background in Hawaii, Pacific Ocean. Salt is harvested from the island and evaporated until it crystallizes as black salt. Similarly, Cyprus black salt has its origin in the Cypriot coast of the Mediterranean Sea. After harvesting from the sea, the harvester mixes the salt with activated charcoal. The other type, Indian black salt, has its origin in the Himalayan range of Asia. The salt is extracted from volcanic mines.

Taste, smell, color, and chemical composition

What does black salt taste like?

People mostly use black salt for spicing up the food. Its magic on the food is overwhelming. You just add a pinch of salt, and there you get an incredible difference in the taste. It is the king of the kitchen. It blends in the food so perfectly that you keep wondering why you were unknown about its usages. Not just foods, black salts add magic to the drinks as well. You can try it with cocktails or fruit juice and notice how it enhances the taste. Because of its beautiful texture and color, black salt can give a very beautiful touchup for your dish. It makes food look prettier and tastier. Black salt tastes salty and a little sour as well. Its taste is a little different from regular white salt. The distinctive feeling of the salt is due to the presence of sulfur in its chemical composition. Some people also compare the black salt taste with that of hard-boiled egg yolk. In a nutshell, it has a fantastic flavor that adds majestic taste to any food.

Black salt is not black in real!


While the Cyprus and Hawaii black salts are black, Indian black salt is not exactly black. It has a brownish pink color. The presence of sulfur compounds in the salt is responsible for its different shades.

Does black salt smell awful?

The presence of sulfur in the salt makes its smell a little loud and distinctive. Some people find its smell quite annoying. People often describe it to have a mild pungent smell, almost similar to rotten eggs. But it differs from person to person what they feel they smell. Once added to the food, its smell gradually vanishes, and the smell won’t remain that strong.

Revealing the chemical composition of black salt

The chemical composition of the black salt includes chlorides and sulfates of different elements like Sodium, hydrogen, and iron. (Sodium chloride, sodium sulfate, sodium bisulfate, sodium bisulfite, sodium sulfide, iron sulfide, and hydrogen sulfide) are the major compositions of black salt. Let’s have a quick look at its chemical formula:

Sodium chloride (NaCl),

Sodium sulfate (Na2SO4),

Sodium bisulfate (NaHSO4),

Sodium bisulfate (NaHSO3),

Sodium sulfide (Na2S),

Iron sulfide (FeS),

Hydrogen sulfide (H2S)

Types of black salt


Black salt is available in four different types, Cyprus Black Flake, Hawaiian Black Lava, Indian Black, and Black Ritual salt. All of them have their unique value and uses. Let’s have a look at each of them.

Cyprus Black Flake

As the name suggests, Cyprus black salt is harvested from the Cypriot coast of the Mediterranean Sea. After harvesting, combining the salt with carbon, extracted from the charcoal of softwoods is done. These softwoods generally include linden, birch, and willow. Mixing of the Cyprus black salt with activated charcoal is the primary reason behind its detoxification property. It is very crunchy and has a shape like that of a pyramid. Its texture is unique and exotic. Cyprus Black flake is supposed to have many health benefits as well.


During the crystallization of Cyprus Black Flake, it gains a pyramidal shape. Because of its seductive way, and perfect black color, it is used for giving a finishing touch for foods. It adds mouthwatering taste exceptionally in meat, roasted vegetables, and sashimi. It also adds a great flavor to homemade bread and pretzels. Not just this, its outstanding earthy flavor is perfect to be enjoyed with even tomatoes, cucumber, fruits, and fresh vegetables.

Not just food, you can even try it with your margarita. Only provide a small coating of Cyprus salt around the edge of your cocktail glass and see the magic happen when you take your sips—never tried before? Well, try it right now, and you can thank me later for this.

Hawaiian Black Lava

Hawaiian Black salt is harvested from the Hawaiian Islands, which are surrounded by the Pacific Ocean. It has a majestic black color. It is then mixed with activated charcoal, which is extracted from coconut shells, which is mainly responsible for its bold black color. Its richness in taste makes it a unique and adventurous possession of any chef’s kitchen. It is much closer to Cyprian Salt in color and crunchier in texture. It has its uniqueness and glamor to be cherished.


Hawaiian salt is also popularly used for providing finishing touch to foods. Like Cyprian salt, its earthy flavor provides a divine taste on fish and meat. It gives a fantastic feeling when eaten with pork. People also pair it with fruits, sashimi, potatoes, and popcorn. Without a doubt, it equally provides a great flavor to the cocktails as well. Hawaiian is without any doubts a must-have in the kitchen.

Indian Black Salt (Kala namak or Bire nun or Himalayan black salt)

Indian Black salt is obtained from crushed Indian volcanic rock salt. In ancient times, people extracted if from the volcanic mines of different parts in India and Pakistan. Interestingly, Black Indian salt is a misnomer. Unlike its name, which suggests it have a black color, it instead has a lovely pinkish brown color. The presence of iron sulfide in the salt is the main reason behind its pinkish color.


Mostly in Asian countries ( India, Nepal, and Pakistan are popular among them), especially those surrounding the Himalayan range, people have been consuming the black salt for ages. Since the extraction of this salt happens in the Himalayas, it is highly renowned as Himalayan black salt. It is popularly known as Kala Namak in Hindi and Bire Nun in Nepali. People believe that the Himalayas protect the salt, and hence, the Himalayan black salt is considered to be the purest salt on the earth. This salt has a distinctive savory flavor of eggs and tastes mildly sour.

Some people might find the smell of Indian black salt a little odd, but it magically blends once in food. The taste covers all the faults of Indian black salt regarding its smell. It adds such an unreplicable flavor to the food that it is not missed in any dishes in Asian countries despite its smell. It is totally unordinary and only the one who has tasted it can understand this fact. The black salt is included everywhere, from chutneys to chaat (Indian foods). People love to have it in their salads, vegetables, and fruits and fit just perfectly in almost all the dishes. You can also mix it with your fruit juice and make a great drink. It’s a perfect thing anyone’s kitchen can have.


Black Ritual Salt (Witches’ salt)

Black ritual salt is not supposed for eating purposes; instead, it holds its importance in various rites and processes. Often this salt is used for driving evils and negative energy away. People often use it for purification and protection. People believe it to have a magical value. This salt is of great importance, mostly in HooDoo and Santeria. People mostly use it when they want to drive off negative entities and people away from their homes or prevent them from returning.

Benefits vs. side effects of black salt

Health benefits of black salts

bakersalt health-benefits-of-black-salt

Black salt has its use since ancient times. Specially Indian black salt, which was identified by Charaka, the father of Ayurvedic medicine, possesses more considerable medical significance. Black salt has a therapeutic advantage. People often seem to use it whenever they encounter any sorts of digestive problems. The black salt is also known to be the right solution for poor eyesight and hysteria. Since the sodium content of black salt is lesser than usual white salt, people with high blood pressure can replace it in their regular diets. But it’s essential to consult proper medical personnel in case of any health abnormalities.

Side effects of black salt

Since black salt contains fluoride in high amounts, doctors don’t recommend to intake the black salt regularly. Although fluoride is beneficial for teeth and bone, it’s over deposition in the body is considered harmful. Unnecessary consumption and accumulation of fluorides can cause fluoride toxicity. However, taking black salt in a minimal amount for flavors will not harm until you start its overconsumption.

Where can you use black salt?

Dishes where you can use black salt

Black salts have their excessive use in Indian foods. You can use black salt on both vegetarian and non-vegetarian diets. Even vegans use it to substitute the egg flavors in their feeds. The main dishes that go well with black salt include meat and fish. You can add it to omelets, cheese and egg dishes as well. Mixing black salt with olive oil and vinegar can be done to dress salads. We can simply sprinkle it over strawberries, pineapples, watermelon, or any other fruits before eating. It can also be added as an ingredient while preparing stews, marinades, stocks, soups, and sauces. Simply add to your mashed potatoes, and a tasty snack is ready or just uses it for dips and cold appetizers. Black salt has a never-ending list of dishes where we can use it. These are very generic dishes I have listed above. You can give it a try to different recipes and find out oneself where it is the best fit for your life or not.

Methods of using black salt in your dish

Bakersalt Recipe-Using-Black-Salt

When it comes to food, Black salt is a fantastic ingredient. The black salt usages can make a long list in the kitchen. It can turn any plain and ordinary dish into a lavish feast. It is an ideal ingredient for cooking and seasoning. The uniqueness of this gourmet salt magically glorifies the taste of any food. The bold flavor black salt sufficiently offers a unique taste in foods. And its dramatic color is just a perfect thing to use for providing the finishing touch to any dishes. Not only cooking, but we can also use black salts on drinks. It articulately offers soothing rimmers for drinks. There are a lot of things you can expect from this intriguing salt when it comes to making delicious food.


Cost and places where you can buy black salt

Baker and bakersalts

Different places offer different rates of black salt. The price differs in quality and quantity. A small bottle of black salt can generally cost (about 100g) at an average of $10 according to my personal experience. You need to check the company and the quantity you are buying. Better check different online stores for the price. We can find black salt in various online stores like amazon, Bakersalts, Woolworths, IGA, etc. Some of these places sell the best quality. You can check the details of prices on their websites.

What is kosher salt and why we should use it?

Kosher salts are edible flat grained salts having a diamond crystal structure and coarser grains. It is well known as Koshering salts.  People use it in recipe and cooking. In comparison to table salt, it has a lighter taste and mainly used for flavour. Generally, the salt industry does not add additives during the processing of kosher salts. It is a type of Gourmet salt.

Traditionally, kosher salts were used to remove blood from meat i.e. koshering. Table salt dissolves without removal of blood. It has a pleasant flavour compared to table salt. Though it has a bigger crystal than ordinary salts, it is less salty. So, you can use twice as much to adjust the taste.

Kosher salt in Australia

It is one of the favourite choices of chiefs and they use in spice rubs, brines, and pickling. It is easy to pick up as it has greater size crystals. Foods, the meat absorbs these salts easily and provides good taste. It sticks to foods to dipper and provides full flavour.

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Reasons to use Kosher salts

Kosher salt has larger sizes of flake and a coarse texture which makes it easy to pinch when cooking. It can be sprinkled on food to create a noticeable crunch and flavour. This will enhance the overall taste and flavour of the food.

It has slightly larger crystals which can be great for seasoning different types of dishes like veggies, red meat and chicken, pasta etc. It also has a less intense and purer, salty taste than the other types of salt. This salt is ideal for the koshering process as it has coarse grain. It covers a large surface area without being fully absorbed by the meat.

Dish with kosher salt

Regular salt contains an anti-clumping agent, like calcium silicate or sodium Ferrocyanide, and iodine. These anti-clumping agents can have bad effects on our body. Kosher salts usually do not contain anti-clumping agents or contain very less amount. Hence, kosher salt is healthier than regular salts.

Make sure you swap out all table salt that creates health issues to you and your family. They’ll be happy to hear they can enjoy the right kind of salt on their food.

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Where to buy kosher salt in Australia

If you were wondering where can I buy kosher salt in Australia, you have come to the right place. We have two products dedicated to Kosher Salt in our store which are Umami fine Kosher salt rub and lightly smoked kosher salt. We value our customers and we provide the best quality products.

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Ever Wonder How Is Sea Salt Made?

How is sea salt made

I bet you have tasted different kinds of salts in your life. But have you ever wonder how is sea salts made? If you have wondered, then you have come to the right place to learn about what is the process of sea salt production.

Baker & Baker Salt is one of the first salt manufacturers in Australia. They have been doing this business for years. So, it is a great pleasure talking to you through the sea salt harvesting process. So here we go.

How is Sea Salt made?

Making sea salt is actually a simple process but it can be quite time-consuming. Looking into history, the production of salt was from back prehistoric times. That’s why salt production is one of the oldest chemical practices performed by humans.

The first step to prepare sea salt is to evaporate the seawater. It is as simple as that. Solar evaporation is the earliest method used to produce sea salt.

Besides this, there are other methods. Such as mining from the earth and creating salt brine. This will produce rock salt and table salt. (which we are not going to talk about in this blog)

Yet, the natural evaporation process helps to get gourmet salts.

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Before diving into the sea salt process, let us first realize the composition of the salt in detail.

Sea salt making process

Sea Salt Composition

In the commercial market today, available sea salt varies in their chemical composition.

In general, salt contains sodium chloride i.e. NaCl. Although the principle component is NaCl, the remaining part can range from 0.2% to 10% of other salts. Also, calcium, potassium, and magnesium.

Salt can have different colours depending upon the level of purity.

Do you know? The commercial salt available in the market varies in their chemical composition. And the ionic composition of natural saltwater is constant.

Above, we have learned about the composition of sea salt. Let’s get started with the salt production process.

Chilli lime salt is a unique and wonderful infusion of Himalayan rock salt, Air-dried lime peel, Chilli flakes that gives a spicy, salty zing to all your cooking. No gluten, preservatives, additives or colourings. A perfect seasoning for all meats and fish. It’s just a pure spice. Fresh and hot.

Sea Salt Production Process

First of all, understanding the process is very important. So, I’m going to walk you through the production process in detail. In the later part of this blog, we’ll learn the process in depth.

How sea salt is made baker and baker salts

Salt manufacturers produce the sea salt in a large amount than someone who would make them in house.

Well, you learn the commercial techniques of the sea salt harvesting process. It can increase your knowledge and your productivity as well. So, Here’s how we do it:

First of all, you need to collect seawater in a small pond and left the water for evaporation. When all the water gets evaporated, the remaining residue will be the sea salt. This method works in an area where there are sun and very little rain. But you can also use the boiling method if the weather conditions are not favourable.

After the water gets evaporated, Pipe the remaining segment into large steel pans. This step removes any mud or impurities from the saltwater.

In the pans, the impurities settle at the bottom while. And remaining water drains and heated until only salt crystal remains.

Commercial salt manufacturers add calcium and magnesium to increase nutrition and distinct taste.

So, this is the sea salt production process in a brief. If you have got that then let’s jump into the process in depth.


Collect Sea Water

Salt Collection in sea salt baker salts

You need to collect water with high salt-rich sea or salt ponds. The quality and taste of the salt depending on the water collected as each source. They will have different minerals present in each respective location.

According to some research, ocean water may not give you the taste and quality that you are expecting.

So, it is a better idea to experiment with different sources of water. No matter where you collect the water from, it is important that I should be pure and clean.

You may ask “how do we know that the water is clean?”

I would recommend you to look for places where the water is safe for fishing. It is safe to assume that the water is good for sea salt harvesting.

Oh well! Replacing fine-grain table salt with crystals of Pink Himalayan salt may help to reduce sodium intake. Also, Pink Himalayan salt provides more health benefits than regular table salt.

Filter the water

Let your water sit for a while to allow the sediments and impurities to settle. It is important to remove shells, sand, and other sediments before harvesting the sea salt.

Use a clean cloth (cheesecloth) to filter the water. Be careful to not disturb the impurities at the bottom.

Pour the water into another pot. You can perform this several times.

Evaporate the water

Evaporate salt making process

After the filtration, the sea saltwater is ready for the evaporation. The evaporation of the saltwater finally gives the product “Sea salt”

There are various steps carried out with a variety of methods:

  1. The foremost method is evaporating the water through solar power. Place the saltwater in direct sunlight until the water gets evaporated. When all the water is gone, the leftover is sea salt. This method can take several weeks or even months depending upon the climate.
  2. The next method would be boiling. This is the quickest method of extracting the sea salt from the saltwater. But be careful not to scorch the salt. Bring the saltwater to its boiling point. Once the water starts getting evaporate, you’ll start noticing the formation of the sea salt in the remaining water.
  3. After the water evaporates, take out the damp salt and sit it in the sun to finish the evaporation.
  4. The fourth and final method is using an oven to evaporate the water. Turn your oven to its lowest setting. Pour the water into a high-sided container and place it in the oven. Let the water slowly evaporate over the course of several days.

Sea Salt Harvesting

How sea salt is made

When the water evaporates, you’ll see a crust starts to form.

Use a spoon to fragment it into a container. Salt crystals will form in a range of shapes and sizes and may take on different colors depending on where you collected your water.

  • You can use a salt grinder for this purpose and grind it to a finer texture.
  • Enjoy the salt by tasting it plain or using it in your everyday cooking.

The Bottom Line

Salt is the most used seasoning in the world. At present, it has so many health benefits and fights with most of the diseases. Such as gum disease, infections, mouth sores, wounds or muscle cramps.

Salt increases body water conservation making you less thirsty. Also, supports the nervous system and your vascular health.

There is an excellent selection of salt available to purchase online, with thousands of customer reviews.

Feel free to experiment and choose the salt that’s right for you.

Any Queries? Please leave your statement in the comment box.

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Benefits of Activated Charcoal

Activated Charcoal is a form of Carbon processed to have small low-volume pores which increases the TSA (Total Surface Area) available for absorption or chemical reactors. It is also often termed as active charcoal. Super heating natural sources of Carbon such as wood produces activated charcoal.

It is a medication used to treat poisonings that occurred is via mouth. It has a wide range of uses in medical and cosmetic fields due to its amazing absorption property.


Activated Charcoal Powder

Uses of Activated Charcoal

1. Poison Treatment

Activated Charcoal is known to be able to trap the flow of chemicals to prevent flow of poison in our body as a standard poison treatment. It is used in Emergency Rooms in hospitals as an immediate treatment to poisons.

However, researches also show that the activated charcoal should be given within one hour of the poison ingestion. Otherwise, it may not be able to have any positive impacts at all.

2. Diarrhea

Main reasons of diarrhea include drugs and bacterial infection. Taking in Activated charcoal capsules can extract and expel ingested toxins, bacteria and viruses from the gastrointestinal tract which makes it useful to cure Diarrhea.

3. Water Filtration

The absorption property of activated charcoal makes it useful in water filtration as well. It is able to absorb toxins, bacteria, fungus, viruses and chemicals in the water.

4. Teeth Whitening

More than half of tooth-paste and oral health products use activated charcoal. The products that use activated charcoal have shown better success rate and popularity than the ones that do not. Many people also use it directly on their teeth for cleansing.

5. Skin Care and Cleansing

Skin care is quite important these days with so many skin diseases appearing. Activated charcoal is used in various fairness and ageing creams, lotions and face washes as it helps in absorbing impurities, dust particles, bacteria, toxins and so on.

6. Deodorants

The absorption property of activated charcoal is dominant here as well. Activated Charcoal can absorb smells and harmful gases due to which it has become an essential component in underarm, shoe and refrigerator deodorant.

7. Better Kidney Health

Activated Charcoal helps the functioning of kidney by filtering out undigested toxins and impurities.


Due to these wide uses and benefits, demand of activated charcoal increases each day. Many researches are going on to prove and specify its benefits and usage methods. There are other health benefits of Activated Charcoal as well. But due to lack of sufficient researches and proofs, they remain undisclosed.

In order to observe some activated charcoal benefits, we have a product dedicated to that cause in our store. We present our Snowflakes Salt with Activated Charcoal so that our customers can enjoy taste and aroma of our snowflakes salts and also enjoy some health benefits of Activated Charcoal.

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5 Amazing Health Benefits of Himalayan Pink Salt You Never Knew

Himalayan Pink Salt is one of the purest form of salt available. It is mined from Khewra mine in Punjab region of Pakistan. It is approximately 85% Sodium Chloride while the rest 15% consists of various minerals and nutrient contents for Pink Himalayan Salt are famous for. Researches have shown that this salt consists of 84 different minerals which are essential for the smooth functioning of the human body.

Himalayan pink salt gets its pink colour from its rich Iron content. It also consists of Magnesium, Aluminium, Phosphorous, Calcium, Zinc and so on. This salt offers a wide range of health benefits. Although there has been some conflict between researchers regarding the exact mineral content in this salt, we can say that this salt is healthy for us. Since the higher content is definitely Sodium Chloride (Table Salt), it is recommended to use in a calculated amount. Meaning that too much consumption of this salt can also cause some health issues at times.

Another advantage of this salt over Table salt is that it is pure and to some extent pollution-free. It is not extracted from seashores whose waters are these days mixed with toxins, chemicals and pollutants. It is purer and cleaner that Table salt available in the market.

Benefits of Pink Himalayan Salt

1. Improves Digestion

Daily consumption of a Pink Himalayan Sole stimulates the peristalsis of digestive organs, balances stomach acids, supports the production of digestive fluids in the liver and pancreas and regulate the metabolism.

2. Better Bone Strength and Minimizes Muscle Cramp

The Calcium content in Pink Himalayan Salt helps in better bone strength while other mineral contents help minimizing muscle cramps. It also helps in better muscle and bone relationship.

3. Balances pH levels and Acidity Level

The rich minerals content of this salt helps in maintaining a good pH level in our body. For this, consuming Pink Himalayan Sole works best. This is responsible for our body’s immunity and absorption of nutrients during digestion.

4. Better Sleeping Habits

Various researches have shown that low Sodium diets (500 milligrams in a day) result in less and uncomfortable sleep than those on sufficient or normal Sodium diets (2000 milligrams). People with low Sodium diets also tend to get up more often at nights from their sleep and are often unable to sleep in time. Hence, the consumption of sufficient salt is essential for sound sleep. Rest and Sleep directly impacts a person’s daily hygiene and other health aspects. The rich content of Sodium in Pink Himalayan Salt definitely helps in this cause.

5. Use as a Bath Salt

This salt can also be used as a bathing salt. Using this salt as a bath salt helps in relieving stress. It soothes the mind and the body enabling better physical and mental health.

Salts have antibacterial and antiseptic properties which makes it a useful therapy for eczema, acne and psoriasis. They also help in deep cleansing the skin and minimize aches and pains.

People all over the world use this salt in various ways and methods. It has great taste and offers a wide range of health benefits. It is a quite popular salt in Australia for its versatility and usage in many recipes. You can buy it online in Australia from Baker and Baker Salts.

Pink Himalayan Salt Sole Recipe

This is arguably the best way to consume this salt to achieve maximum health benefits. A Sole is a water fully saturated with unrefined salt in it. When the salt dissolves in water, it results in a concentrated, electrically charged matrix of the 84 trace minerals. The ionic salt and trace minerals nourish and strengthen the human body.

Here is a Sole recipe which is helpful for consuming Pink Himalayan Salt in fine amount.


  • Pink Himalayan Salt
  • Water


  • Fill a Glass Water Jar about 1/4 with Pink Salt (either Coarse or Fine).
  • Fill the rest of the jar with water.
  • Cover with a plastic lid. Avoid using a metal lid.
  • Let it sit overnight away from too much heat.
  • Make sure the water is fully saturated i.e. there are some undissolved salt remaining in the jar at all times and if needed add more salt.


  • Never use metal utensils to use the Pink Himalayan Salt Sole. Drink one teaspoon everyday for better health.


Fun photos from homemade Lamb Seasoning


A little bit of fun using our lamb seasoning & rub smoked snowflake salt. This was a homemade roast we made using home ingredients of potatoes, pumpkin, peas & lamb.

We heated the oven and added a little oil, rubbed a thin amount of the snowflakes over the lamb and cooked. Halfway through we added a little more snowflakes until the lamb was cooked to our liking.

The blend of the rosemary, mint, smoked snowflakes, garlic & pepper really brings this lamb flavour out with so much taste and is such an easy way of making lamb.



Hamper, corporate salt gift box

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salt gift box-Baker and baker salts

salt gift box

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Free lemons

Yes that’s right. We have free lemons to give away on a fairly regular basis… now if you haven’t been reading our website I’ll let you know they are without the lemon peel… However, we generally have a large number of rindless lemons available so if you would like to collect some from our factory please let us know and we will make a time to give some to you. Stay healthy and use some in your water.

Benefits of a hot salt bath before bed

Himalayan pink saltA salt bath before bed not only relaxes the body but is a great way to prepare the body for healing during the night. When the body is relaxed it can focus on the healing and restorative repair it needs throughout the night.

Adding bath salts to a hot bath is a way to speed up the detoxing and purification of the body. The heat of the bath, in particular, helps sweat out toxins in the body. A good mineral-rich bath salt will accelerate, and adding other detoxifying agents such as ginger is a great way. Essential oils are another agent that works well with bath salts.

Feeling completely relaxed in both body and mind can remove the day’s stresses and anxieties. Most bath salts include fragrances that will amplify mood in a positive way, leaving your mind in a state of peace. Vanilla is a particularly peaceful fragrance. It’s a personal preference what fragrance you like. For romance, you may prefer a different fragrance again.

For an all over body and mind experience try a hot bath before bed… and enjoy!

Contract Packing


gourmet salts contract packing in australiaOur warehouse facilities are equipped for a range of packing options that meet your needs.

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Finding the right grinder

Selecting Grinders

As a gourmet salt business we use a lot of grinders, as well as tubs, boxes and bags. So we like to think we know a little on the subject.

While there are exceptions, the grinder mechanism (the part that does the grinding) is either plastic, steel or ceramic. This mechanism is essentially what you are buying. The “other” part holds the product.

The plastic mechanism is found in disposable grinders. A lower cost grinder found in supermarkets that will be used a few times before being disposed of. In the long run disposable grinders cost more but if the intention is a gift it is an economical purchase.

Ceramic grinders are longer life. A ceramic grinder can last for years – it can be the spring inside the grinder that goes first! Ceramic is a durable material. You will easily get years out of the mechanism. For those with families and children its usually the glass bottle holding the salt that gets dropped on the kitchen tiles and smashed that causes you to buy a new one.

Steel grinders, often found inside wooden pepper mills are good compromises. Can be dropped (within reason), long lasting and economical. Pepper mills can be used for salt as well as pepper.

Battery operated stainless steel grinders are fancy looking grinders that offer a modern take on a contemporary item. Careful not to drop in water. What you gain in ergonomic design and gadget factor will cost in battery and permanent redundancy at some stage in the future. Not designed to last forever. sells wholesale and individual grinders however we recommend if you need less than 3 to check out your local stores as postage can add to costs.

Sell your own recipe

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