Smoked Himalayan Salt-Rock Salt


We use both Oak wood & Australian fruit-wood from Yackandandah in Victoria to get this aromatic and flavoursome smoked Himalayan rock salt. This smoked Himalayan rock salt is unchallenged in quality and smoky flavour in the Australian market. This all natural rock salt with natural wood smoke epitomises for the very best of Australian woods and aromatic essence. Enjoy the flavours this salt brings to your food.

We use 100% natural salts and not the commercial ones which are low in quality. We specially order Himalayan Salts for our supplies in Australia. Our Himalayan Salts especially Pink Himalayan Salt- Fine and Coarse are loved by our clients all over Australia.



Frequently Asked Questions About Smoked Himalayan Salt – Rock  Salt

What is smoked salt?

Smoked salt is the salt obtained after putting the salt in the smoker and infuse the salt with a smoky flavor.

Is Himalayan Rock Salt good for you?

Himalayan Rock Salt is believed to contain as many as 84 trace minerals including potassium, calcium, and magnesium. With these minerals, there are benefits it can give to us.

1) Regulates blood sugar and hormonal balance

2) Improves digestion

3) Himalayan salt lamps purify the air

4) Good for a bath soak

How is smoked salt obtained?

Smoked Salt requires the use of cold smoking. To prepare the smoker for cold smoking, a smoke tube is needed. Then, place the smoke and salt at temperatures under 80 degrees F. By using Oak Wood and Australian fruit-wood from Yackandandah in Victoria, Smoked Himalayan Rock Salt is obtained.

Is Smoked Himalayan Rock Salt natural?

Yes, Smoked Himalayan Rock Salt is all-natural. These salts are made using 100% natural salts and not the low-quality commercial salts.

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