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Himalayan Pink Salt is one of the purest rock salt found on the Earth. It is mined in Khewra mine in Punjab region in Pakistan. It consists of 84 different minerals which are helpful for better functioning of our body.

It is beneficial for Weight Loss, Balanced Hormones, Better Bone Strength and so on. It helps in better sleep habits, digestion and cholesterol levels as well.

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Himalayan Pink  Salt consists of trace minerals, such as Potassium, Magnesium, Calcium and so on. These minerals content give the salt its light pink tint. These minerals also explain why Himalayan salt tastes a bit different from regular table salt.

There are many amazing health benefits of Himalayan salt, with the following as some of our favorites.

  • Improves Respiratory System
  • Better Digestion and Hydration
  • Better Bone strength
  • Balanced pH and acidity levels
  • When pink Himalayan salt is used to create a lamp, it just may provide your home or office with cleaner air.
  • Himalayan rock salt is said to help encourage better, more restful sleep due to its high mineral content.
  • You can use pink Himalayan rock salt to make your own sole, a saturated solution containing purified water and Pink Himalayan salt.

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