Victorian Coastal Sea Salt


Our Victorian Coastal sea salt from the coastal waters of Victoria is pure, natural and clean with high mineral complexity. This is an Australian defined sea salt reflecting the Australian quality.

This salt is best used as a finishing salt. However, it still works great as a main salt ingredient in a recipe. Flaky and crystalline texture makes it taste as well as look delicious. Buy our Victorian Coasta Sea Salt and you will forget other sea salts at your local grocery stores.

Also if you want vibrant & festive snowflake salt with the heat and sweetness of chili, Consider buying our best-selling Smoked Chilli Snowflakes.



Sea salt are salts extracted after evaporating salty water.  The evaporation is done mostly by open-air solar evaporation or by a quicker vacuum evaporation process. Salts are basically used in cooking and seasoning foods. Salts are helpful for hydration and day to day regulation of our body. It also helps in digestion, blood pressure, heart health and so on.

Salts are available in different brands with various unique taste notes. There are Gourmet Salts, Bath Salts, Smoked Artisan Salts, Snowflake Salts and so on. They all carry some unique tastes, culinary importance and health benefits. Salts have become an essential part of our world. A part of our taste buds on our tongue is dedicated for salts.

Also if you want rock salt especially made for Lamb, Consider buying our best-selling Lamb Seasoning & Rub.

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