What is kosher salt and why we should use it?

Kosher salts are edible flat grained salts having a diamond crystal structure and coarser grains. It is well known as Koshering salts.  People use it in recipe and cooking. In comparison to table salt, it has a lighter taste and mainly used for flavour. Generally, the salt industry does not add additives during the processing of kosher salts. It is a type of Gourmet salt.

Traditionally, kosher salts were used to remove blood from meat i.e. koshering. Table salt dissolves without removal of blood. It has a pleasant flavour compared to table salt. Though it has a bigger crystal than ordinary salts, it is less salty. So, you can use twice as much to adjust the taste.

Kosher salt in Australia

It is one of the favourite choices of chiefs and they use in spice rubs, brines, and pickling. It is easy to pick up as it has greater size crystals. Foods, the meat absorbs these salts easily and provides good taste. It sticks to foods to dipper and provides full flavour.

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Reasons to use Kosher salts

Kosher salt has larger sizes of flake and a coarse texture which makes it easy to pinch when cooking. It can be sprinkled on food to create a noticeable crunch and flavour. This will enhance the overall taste and flavour of the food.

It has slightly larger crystals which can be great for seasoning different types of dishes like veggies, red meat and chicken, pasta etc. It also has a less intense and purer, salty taste than the other types of salt. This salt is ideal for the koshering process as it has coarse grain. It covers a large surface area without being fully absorbed by the meat.

Dish with kosher salt

Regular salt contains an anti-clumping agent, like calcium silicate or sodium Ferrocyanide, and iodine. These anti-clumping agents can have bad effects on our body. Kosher salts usually do not contain anti-clumping agents or contain very less amount. Hence, kosher salt is healthier than regular salts.

Make sure you swap out all table salt that creates health issues to you and your family. They’ll be happy to hear they can enjoy the right kind of salt on their food.

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Where to buy kosher salt in Australia

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