Himalayan Black Salt – Kala Namak


Himalayan Black Salt, also known as Kala Namak is a salty pungent-smelling salt found typically in South Asia. It is used in a whole range of foods from salads and fruits to chutneys through to Indian masalas and other savoury foods. It is also used in health drinks for hydration and nutritional purposes.

This salt is quite popular for its health benefits and unique smell. It contains more mineral content and fewer additives than regular salt. This is the most selling salt in our online store.




Himalayan Black Salt(Kala Namak) is obtained from natural halite from mines in the Himalayan regions in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Nepal. It primarily consists of Sodium Chloride which gives it a salty taste. Similarly, other mineral contents give it a particular colour, flavour, and smell. Its colour is actually pinkish-brown rather than black contradicting its name. We can find it in the fine or coarse form in the markets. Here, in Baker and Baker Salts, you can buy Himalayan Black Salt – Kala Namak in coarse form. You can place a specific order for this or any of our products from our contact form page.

Kala Namak aid in digestion, flatulence, and heartburn due to its perceived medicinal qualities. It helps in better joint health, sugar levels, respiratory system, etc. It helps control acidity levels and cures loss of appetite as well. Kala Namak is also helpful for curing depression problems. It helps to preserve two hormones, melatonin and serotonin, which are essential for a peaceful and unhindered sleep.

Black Salt is also used by Vegans for its egg-like properties in foods such as tofu and salads.

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It is also famous for its unique smell. It smells like a  rotten egg which is due to the Sulphur content which also gives it slight umami or savoury taste. Kala Namak gets its blackish colour from a transformation of the sodium sulphate that occurs naturally in the salt by heating the rock salt in a furnace along with the charcoal, seeds, and leaves.

Unique smell, taste, and a whole lot of health benefits make this Black Himalayan salt a must-buy product.

Frequently Asked Questions about Himalayan Black Salt

Is Himalayan black salt good for you?

Many claims suggest that Himalayan black salt is richer in minerals than ordinary table salt. Also, it is believed to help in improving digestion, and relieve gas and bloating. As Himalayan black salts are rich in minerals, it is also believed to improve skin and make hair good. These are not backed up properly by scientific research and enough claims are needed for this purpose.

What are the benefits of Himalayan Black Salt?

Himalayan Black Salt is claimed to have many benefits. Being the cure for bloating and acidity is one of them. The alkaline properties of black salt help in reducing the excessive acid in the stomach. The minerals in Black salt works as a natural blood thinner and help in the proper circulation of blood within the body. It also helps in reducing blood clots and in cholesterol problems as well.

Apart from the above-mentioned benefits, Himalayan Black Salt also helps to reduce water retention. The lesser content of sodium in it makes it an amazing cure for water retention in comparison to ordinary salt. It may also prevent muscle cramps or spasms. Himalayan Black Salt is known to have a good amount of potassium as content which is crucial for the regulation of muscle which further eases the functioning of the muscle.

What are the disadvantages of Himalayan Black Salt?

Excessive consumption of anything is bad for health and so does it apply to Himalayan Black salt. The excessive consumption of black salt results in excess accumulation of sodium in our body and causes more water retention and hypertension. Too much black salt in food leads to the formation of nephrolithiasis which is commonly known as kidney stone. Also, in the case of bathing, too much use of salt will absorb all the moisture from the body leaving it dry.

How to use Himalayan Black Salt?

Himalayan Black Salt can be used in different places but we can separator those within mainly two categories:

1) Cooking
Sprinkling a bit of Himalayan Black Salt over the meals can be used in cooking.

2) Ayurvedic and traditional medicine
It is also helpful in terms of medicines and has been used as medicine in ayurvedic and traditional medicinal science. Black salt along with some medicinal herbs is administered to relieve different symptoms and health condition

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