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Benefits Of A Hot Salt Bath Before Bed

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\A salt bath before bed not only relaxes the body but is a great way to prepare the body for healing during the night. When the body is relaxed it can focus on the healing and restorative repair it needs throughout the night.

Adding bath salts to a hot bath is a way to speed up the detoxing and purification of the body. The heat of the bath, in particular, helps sweat out toxins in the body. A good mineral-rich bath salt will accelerate, and adding other detoxifying agents such as ginger is a great way. Essential oils are another agent that works well with bath salts.

Feeling completely relaxed in both body and mind can remove the day’s stresses and anxieties. Most bath salts include fragrances that will amplify mood in a positive way, leaving your mind in a state of peace. Vanilla is a particularly peaceful fragrance. It’s a personal preference what fragrance you like. For romance, you may prefer a different fragrance again.

For an all over body and mind experience try a hot bath before bed… and enjoy!

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