Oak Wood Smoked Snowflakes


Oak wood smoked snowflakes salt, smoked using the highest quality oak wood from reconstituted wine barrels.

This flagship flaked salt, with its textural appeal that enables it to be ground in the hand is enhanced by the flavour and taste profile of smoked wood. Enjoyed by some of the largest restaurants and hotels in Australia you will recognise the quality of this salt.

You will be captivated by the aromas and taste of this salt.

If you entertain, this is a must for your guests as part of an appetizer dipping plate with oil and bread, or as a premium seasoning. You will not be disappointed.

Ingredients: Snowflake salt, natural smoke from oak wood

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How best to user Oak Wood Smoked Snowflakes:
This salt is best used as a seasoning or finishing salt due to its light texture and flaky characteristics. It is well suited as a rub such as an oven roasting as it retains its “crispy crunch” instead of melting into the food. This is especially true for oven-roasted chicken where you can experience the crispy charcoal chicken effect without the charcoal.


These snowflakes come from the Murray Darling Basin.

Shelf life:

While salt has an indefinite shelf life, we recommend for optimal aroma and flavor to use these snowflakes within 18-24 months of purchase to retain the best characteristics. This is plenty of time to enjoy the best quality snowflake salt on the market from us to you.

Frequently Asked Questions About Oak Wood Smoked Snowflakes

How is Oak Wood Smoked Snowflakes made?

To make oak wood snowflakes, one must need basically two ingredients. Snowflake salt and oak wood. The oak wood is burnt and the natural smoke from oak wood gives the snowflake salt smoky flavor. At Bakersalt, oak wood from reconstituted wine barrels is used for smoking which is of the highest quality.

Why Oak wood smoked snowflake the best for seasoning?

Due to the light texture and flaky characteristics, oak wood-smoked snowflake salt is best for seasoning. It retains its crispy crunch without melting into the food while the food is being roasted in the oven.

What are the uses of Oak Wood Smoked Snowflake Salt?

Some of the suggested uses are:

1) Try on chicken breasts.

2) Delicious in Spanish Tortilla.

3) Sprinkle on ice cream or custard, especially creme caramel.

4) Season salmon and grill or broil.

Does Oak wood Smoked Snowflake have an indefinite shelf life?

Yes, Oak wood smoked snowflake salt has an indefinite shelf life. However, it is recommended that it should be used within 18-24 months of purchase to retain the optimal aroma and flavor.

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