Dinner Party Starters


There is a reason restaurants provide salt, oil and breads before a meal. They act a great appetizer and create a sense of good hospitality. Recreate the sensations of a pre-meal with these amazing Dinner Party Starters. Brilliant with a beer or wine during opening conversation. These products will last for many dinner starters, with the cutlery to last years. Our pack includes:

2 Salt Plates
1 Oil Plate
1 Butter Plate
2 Entertaining Salts
2 Everyday Premium Salts

Entertaining salts include 70g Liquorice Salt Flakes and 70g Oak Wood Smoked Salt Flakes. These are salts for crumbling in the hand for breads dipped in oil or breads spread with butter. A divine sharp start to the night.

Everyday Premium Salts include a 100g Himalayan Salt (Fine or Coarse) and a 100g Sea Salt, Black Pepper & Lemon Salt (Fine or Coarse). These products will make cooking and serving dishes entertaining at home.

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