Double Smoked Black Peppercorns


These double (twice) smoked black peppercorns have an incredible aroma and are great for addition in any dish begging for some heat. Incorporate these into your cooking for a brilliant smokey peppercorn flavour. This product is an essential ingredient and a natural companion with salts in our store.

Clearly visible consistent colour and freshly dried black peppercorns, a product you can rely on.





Pepper is the leading spice in the world today. It is preferred in various dishes due to its characteristic hotness and nutritional benefits. There are a varieties of peppercorns available which provide something more along with hotness. For example, Green Peppercorns provide a mild vegetal flavour than black peppercorns which provides sharp hotness. Sichuan pepper is unique product which has lemony characteristics and tingling sensation after eating.

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