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Himalayan Salt Lamp Benefits

Have you been considering buying Himalayan Salt Lamps? Have you done enough research about true Himalayan Salt Lamp benefits despite being heavily advertised for its aesthetic look and vibe?

Salt lamps are beautiful lighting that you can purchase for your house. They are made of pink Himalayan salt and are said to provide a variety of health advantages.

This article investigates the evidence behind salt lamps and separates reality from myth. Continue reading to discover what the Himalayan lamp is and what salt lamp benefits are claimed. 


What is a Salt Lamp?

Glowing salt lamp on table top

These lamps are hollowed-out chunks of rock salt mined from the Himalayas. The Himalayas, a mountain range that runs 1,500 miles over Pakistan, India, Bhutan, and Nepal, provide the salt for these lights.

The Khewra Salt Mine in Pakistan produces genuine Himalayan salt lamps. The salt produced by this mine is reddish, pink, or off-white in hue.

Fake ones are widely available on the internet. The actual ones are delicate and emit a subtle glow. The fake goods are difficult to detect and shine brilliantly.

Salt chunks are hollowed out in the middle to hold a light bulb or heating element to make into a lamp. When switched on, they provide a mellow, red light.

How do salt lamp works?

Salt lamps are essentially believed to absorb water molecules from the air, and the heat of the small light in the salt crystal lamp keeps it dry, releasing negative ions. These negative ions are said to be a mood booster and relieve anxiety, sleep, and other emotional discomforts. 

Negative ions are further said to act as an antibacterial agent and could kill bacteria, purifying the air and making the environment clean. 

But if you want to know all well if this is all true and there is scientific backing to it, you have to check out the article by Tia Ghose for Life Science. 

Because salt lamps are “natural ionisers,” they affect the electrical charge of the flowing air, and they are thought to provide health advantages.

Ions are substances with an uneven number of protons or electrons that carry a charge.

When there are changes in the atmosphere, they are naturally formed in the air. For example, air ions are produced by waterfalls, waves, storms, natural radioactivity, and heat.

Commercially available air ionisers can also be used to manufacture them.

Salt lamps are thought to create ions by attracting water particles, which evaporate as a salt solution when heated by the lamp, resulting in predominantly negative ions.

This notion, however, has yet to be proven.

What are the myths and facts about Himalayan salt lamps’ benefits?


The Himalayan salt lamp benefits people with allergies, asthma, or diseases that affect respiration, such as cystic fibrosis.

There is no scientific evidence to back this claim up. However, no research on prospects utilising a salt lamp may kill viruses and enhance your home’s air quality.

Himalayan Salt crystal lamps can relieve depressive symptoms.

There have been no sufficient studies and evidence that air ionisation affects mood or feeling of well-being despite some claims that the attractive light of the lamp does make people feel pleasant. 

Salt lamps can cure insomnia.

Despite being widely advertised as a mood booster and sleep quality enhancers, salt lamps have no specifics that prove it helps sleep disorders. 


  1. They lift the ambience of the room and hence create a relaxing environment.
  2. The dim light can help you fall asleep faster.
  3. These rock salt lights work as great aesthetic and functional home decor giving a warm vibe to your house.

Why do people buy Salt lamps?

Apart from being heavily advertised with lots of health benefits claims, there are reasons why people tend to buy Himalayan salt lamps. 

These lamps are made from natural salt. Even though they may not have enough credit for health benefits, they are still considered better than other plastic decorative lights. 

The home with these crystal lamps gives off a warm, welcoming, and calming vibe. If not as an air purifier, it can certainly work as aesthetic home decor. 

People thus buy Himalayan salt lamps believing that these lamps can help them elevate their livelihood with the pleasant vibe, calming impact on the environment, and dim light during the night that helps them fall asleep fast. 

Are they attractive? Yes! 

Banner image for pink salt lamp

Now that we have covered Salt Lamps Benefits let’s talk about its risk and hazards! 

What are the hazards of Salt Lamps?

  1. There is a risk of electrical hazards. As with every other electronic device, the lamps are too prone to electrical hazards. However, there have been instances in the past when sold lamps were recalled due to their defective dimmer switches and overhealing.

  2. Infants and young children may be prone to get into accidents. These lamps weigh up to 3kgs, and there is a risk of them being toppled off the desks and shelves.

  3. True salt lamps can draw moisture from the air, and water condenses on the surface. While it is likely that water can dry, it is also likely that salt may have corrosion from the moisture if the heat is not sufficient from the light bulb.

  4. Pets are equally at the risk of salt toxicity. Cats and dogs may lick the salt of the lamp, and they may suffer vomiting, diarrhea, and other fatal health risk. 

How do you differentiate between fake lamps and genuine Rock salt lamps?

When shopping for a salt lamp, check for labels that indicate the manufacturer.

Natural lights do not shine and emit a mellow, muted light. Himalayan salt is unlikely to make lamps with a shining surface and a beautiful light. Because they are made of salt, they may fracture or break. Artificial illumination increases damage resistance.

Your lamp should sweat in humid conditions. When cleaning a real salt lamp with a damp cloth, some pink mineral residue should develop.


There is no harm in actually wanting and buying Himalayan salt lamps. The advertisements may claim many benefits, but Himalayan salt lamps are simple and functional enough to be at your home besides your bed. 

You can even give someone salt lamps as a gift. They’ll look great in your house or yoga studio if you like their exotic appearance and dim pinkish light.

You’ll be disappointed if you expect them to boost your health. The evidence for their health benefits is poor. One advantage exists: using them instead of bright light in the evening (while avoiding blue light completely) may help with sleep issues. However, you could get the same effect with any dim decorative light.

Otherwise, get your lamp from a trustworthy provider to prevent electrical risks and deal with cheap knockoffs constructed of who knows what.

Buy your genuine Himalayan Salt Lamp from Bakersalts! 

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