Can lemon juice with Himalayan salt can stop migraines

Have you ever experienced migraines?. No? Yes?. Migraines give intense pain and make your body weak.  Just one awful migraine can make your whole day immobilize. 

In such cases, most people use painkillers to get relief. Painkillers are the first drugs suggested by doctors for migraines and headaches. But painkiller is not the solution; it may cause a side effect for some people, such as dry mouth,  itching, sweating, upset stomach, anxiousness, etc.

If the medicine doesn’t work for you, what will you do at that time? Or you may want to get relief without using the drug. Quite challenging, right?. So the solution is lemon juice and Himalayan salt for migraines. So if you want to avoid using painkillers, you should try for salt to get rid of migraines.

How do we get migraines?

Migraine is a type of headache starting from any one side of the head.

How do we get migraines? I clearly can’t tell you the exact causes, but I have a list of some reasons. So keep reading that you may find some relatable situation that you are going through.

  • Excessive Allergies.
  • Stress headache.
  • Lack of vitamins and minerals 
  • Dehydration and electrolyte imbalance.
  • Use lemon juice and Himalayan salt for instant Migraine relief.

How do you make lemon juice with Himalayan salt?

Making this juice is not a tedious or time-consuming process. You can set your entire day within a minute for success with a small concoction of Himalayan salt, water, and lemon.

Sounds easy right? So,  Now let’s look at the ingredients below and how we can make this juice.


  • ½ teaspoon of Himalayan salt
  • Two tablespoons of lemon juice
  • Water (250 ml)
  • One teaspoon of honey (it is optional only if you need sweet)


  • Squeeze the lemon into the glass 
  • Add water (hot or cold)
  • Add Himalayan salt 
  • Mix it well and drink 


All you have to do, Squeeze the lemon juice, add the Himalayan salt in the glass of water, and stir until it dissolves.

You can also add sweetener with honey. And drink it. It might not taste good for some people, but it works like a charm.

Himalayan salt rehydrates the cells; they are rich in electrolytes, minerals, and nutrients. It helps to energize the body, boost your immune system, alkalize the body, and make your mood right. So give a try for this lemon juice recipe to get out of migraines within 30 minutes.

Some points that you should remember.

  • Drink it on the first morning. It helps to boost the natural energy of your body. Try to replace this drink with a cup of coffee that you drink in the morning. Because it is best on an empty stomach and stimulates digestion.
  • Avoid coffee if you drink lemon juice with Himalayan salt because coffee acidifies the digestive tract.
  • Please don’t use a metal lid (or metal spoon) because it di-ionizes the salt. If the metal gets contact with salt, it releases the other metal and chemicals into the saltwater and starts dissolving with it.
  • Don’t use table salt because this recipe is only for Himalayan salt or Celtic salt. 

Some other benefits for our health from using lemon juice with Himalayan salt

  1. Lemon helps to reduce uric acid in joints and also helps decrease inflammation.
  2. It helps in digestion and improves the uptake of essential nutrients.
  3. One lemon has 139% of your daily life vitamin c. So it helps you to boost your immunity with vitamin c.
  4. Both lemon and Himalayan salt give benefits to your skin. 
  5. Lemon with Himalayan salt can reduce the waste from your cells. 
  6. It makes your body more hydrated than regular drinking water.
  7. Kills bad bacteria of your mouth and throat and gives you a fresh breath.

Some side effects of over-consuming.

  1. Over consuming the Himalayan salt water may cause nausea and vomiting.
  2. Over Consuming, saltwater can also cause bloating and dehydration.
  3. You may experience weakness, blood pressure problems, an irregular heartbeat, etc. due to electrolyte imbalance and sodium and fluid loss. 


You might be wondering why lemon juice? Because it has high vitamin C and high in potassium, known to reduce tiredness, anxiety, and tension. So if you get extreme pain next time, try for it. Try this combination lemon juice with Himalayan salt and see what magic happens when you are on migraines.

Bonus tips:

Migraines happen when the blood vessels of your head and neck expand. It is one of the main reasons that you experience more pain.

In those situations, Put an ice pack on your neck until it soaks or put your feet in warm water. Not much hot, but Make the water as hot as you can comfortably handle.

The ice pack compresses the blood vessels, and the warm water helps to extract the blood from your feet and away from the neck.