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Gourmet Snowflakes

Gourmet snowflakes sit at the premium end of the salt spectrum. Snowflakes are thin broad flakes of salt that have a sharper pleasurable flavour that is the key to their popularity. The key lies in the thin broad shape of the salt. When you consume salt flakes over food they spike the food in a very pleasurable way. Natural snowflakes also have higher mineral complexity than refined salts making them better for the body which absorbs these beneficial minerals. They can be crumbled by hand over food not only giving the user more control but connecting them into the culinary experience.


Artisan & Smoked Rock Salts

At the top of the rock salts are natural salts with the highest mineral complexity. Rock salts are superior in cooking, flavouring and seasoning. They are excellent when smoked with a natural ability to hold the smoke which then infuses through the food. They are highly versatile and come in numerous grain sizes for different uses. Unlike snowflakes which would dissolve, rock salts are essential when curing meats by drawing out and holding moisture. We use Australian rock salts and Himalayan rock salts.

 Earthy Salt Rubs

 Earthy Salt Rubs

Earthy salt rubs (or salt seasonings) combine salts with herbs & spices to create unique rubs. Whether you are slow cooking in the oven for hours or searing on the BBQ we have a rub for you. With naturally smoked kosher salt our rubs are fit for purpose and packed with flavour. From floral rubs which use a higher combination of herbs through to specially designed pork crackle rub for a crackling smoky pork skin you can be assured of a high quality genuine rub.

Bowl of australian salt

Australian Salts

Australian salts using only Australian ingredients, wood & salt showcase the tastes of Australian bush tucker. Our wood of choice is fruitwood from Yackandandah, and Victorian olive wood. From heat stressed Lemon Myrtle through to Tasmanian seaweed, or native Pepperberries we offer a unique Australian product.


Therapeutic bath salts- Epsom Salt, Magnesium Chloride

Therapeutic – Epsom Salt, Magnesium Chloride

Therapeutic bath salts such as Epsom salts and Magnesium Chloride are available. Epsom salts are the composition of magnesium and sulphate and have health benefits. Magnesium and Sulphate minerals reduce stress and relax body, pain reliever, helps in the body function and help to remove toxins from the bodies. More information can be found about these and our other range of bath salts from easing stress through to calm and relaxation benefits. Take a soak today.

Natural Himalayan Bath Salts

Natural Himalayan Bath Salts

Natural Himalayan Bath salts are health beneficial. It contains essential minerals that balance the acidity, calcium, strengthens bones, makes skin healthy and much more. Visit our range of upcoming natural Himalayan bath salts made with you in mind!


Himalayan lamps for intimate evenings

Small 3kg Himalayan Lamps

Mood setting 3kg Himalayan lamps’ perfect size for a bedroom or intimate evenings. These lamps are subtle and warm, measuring about half the size of a football, or approximately 20cm in height. It improves the air quality, and help you sleep better. 

Himalayan Pink Salt Lamps

Using a lamp at work can improve your concentration, enhance your environment and increase your productivity. An absolute gift item for your family and friends on various occasion.

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